We finished mixing the tracks in May. We obviously mixed in the box. ProTools, a whole array of Waves plugs-ins, and the legendary Yamaha NS10s. An Apogee Quartet providing us with pristine and uncompromising clarity. As we recorded the trio live in one room, the main challenge was separation. On this simple video you can see how … Continue reading Mixing.

That Was Then.

We recorded in a typical out-of-the-mainstream alternative small studio in Kreuzberg. Brian Trahan jumped in as the engineer and some great creative inputs. Nir Sabag on drums and Gianfranco Coppola on upright worked the magic, and set the musicianship to ever higher standards. And I doubted every note I played. Thought I lost my keys. … Continue reading That Was Then.

Let Them Babies Sing.

Early Childhood Music Education. I welcome a really interesting experience: mingling with babies and kids to stimulate their interest in MUSIC. On wednesdays, at the Malfisch, in Neukölln, Berlin. Which brings in the very interesting topic of Early Childhood Music Education. Amazing, those babies. They remind me of some of the artists I work with. … Continue reading Let Them Babies Sing.


There is so much happening these days, it is going to be difficult to keep up. We had a wonderful Begenungssession with Noa Fort on the 6th of January 2017, in Berlin. Noa graced us with her new song a couple weeks ago. She blessed that white piano with her playing, and flew away across … Continue reading !נעה