• I work with different studios in Berlin, with different rates, depending on the studio and whether I do the engineering, work with an assistant at hand, etc.

I work – compose, record, mix and produce music – out of my own studio, where I run two Mac pros, ProTools 9, Logic 9 and X, Ableton Live, Motu 828, MBox, Mackie 1604 vlz3, two ADATs, a TEAC 3440, SPL and UA Preamps, Rode mikes, a piano, four guitars, a drum set, three trumpets, and the list goes on.

I bring bigger recording sessions to my favourites studios in Kreuzberg, such as PLS, or TRIXX.

Trixx, at a recent session with Eric Pan.


The coolest studio in Kreuzberg: PLS… (below)


… is where one naturally brings the coolest local bands.
Here the young and super talented Berliners Rabajah! Kings of Reggae and Ska.


The inimitable and quaint Fishbowl studio (below) which boasts an impressive line of top notch microphones and Class A preamps, along with a small but nice recording room
and lovely control room.


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  1. Hi Virgil, my name is Gunther, I got your contact from Dr. Niklas André from AVOCONS. Regarding to produce a song or more from a talented artist “Sammi Wonder” for my Energy-Island@landia-Project I would like to get in contact with you. Maye you are interested to produce…I couldnt find your contact data so I try on that way. My phone is +49 30 490 861 90 or Maybe we could have a meeting at your studio to discuss next week? Thx for getting in contact in advance, best regards, Gunther


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