Engineer, producer, composer based in Berlin Kreuzberg, with ties to radio networks, indie labels, and  – slowly – major labels.
I work with different studios in Berlin, and beyond.

CONTACT: info@segalmusic.com

    Rates are negotiable on a per-project basis. Please get in touch, and submit your music per email!
  • Film music, audio and music for films, Hörspiel, audiobooks, etc.
    Please send an email – The rate is negotiable on a per-project basis.
  • We work with ProTools, Logic, Ableton Live.
    A nice selection of microphones, preamps (SPL, UA), three Mackies, two ADATs (love them), a MOTU 828mkII, an ALESIS 26io, an upright piano, drums, trumpets, guitars, etc.

This could be a game changer.

A Room With a View.

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Schwarzwald again last Fall, recording a playback track of an arrangement I wrote for Mira Falk’s Jazz choir B-Swingt.
For a moment, we had a new room with a view in Tel Aviv.

A First MuKiBa! Concert.

…am Samstag 11. September 2021, 16h bis 17h
auf die kleine Bühne, FREILUFT KINO HASENHEIDE

ist die Premiere des ersten offiziellen MuKiBa! Konzert:
Eine Reise ins MuKiBa Land!


8 euro Eintritt.


I am very pleased to pre-release my first – loong aawaited – EP over Soundcloud.
I took the long way and certainly not the highway to make this record.
I brought in the yet unsuspecting and super talented Brian Trahan as an engineer and co-producer. It features three originals and two covers (Jazz standards). We recorded with Nir Sabag on drums and Gianfranco Coppola on upright bass. We recorded into this unusual and quaint little studio lost into a bizarre timewarped section of Kreuzberg.

Above, a couple photos from that unusual little studio, Bubble Fish.
I got to that studio through the most unusual story and one of the most intriguing Frenchmen I have ever met, Perceval, whom I had met previously in Costa-Rica.

The Inimitable Michael Limboski.

Limboski sings Illusionen, Berlin 2015

I met Limboski at a nice little jam session I use to host in Kreuzberg a few years ago.
Strangely, I would say one doesn’t understand Prussian energy applied to music until one sees Limboski perform, however this statement might be put in perspective – or contested – by historians on both sides.
Michał is a one of a kind Polish Wonder. Now signed with Sony Poland.

He is Back.

Eric Pan is back from Brooklyn.
Here is a short sample from his debut album Travel Poems, recorded at the Trixx Studio, Berin, Kreuzberg, 2016. After two successful pre-release concerts in Berlin last Fall, Mr. Pan spent several months in the US, where he performed another Travel Poems show with his favourite NYC musicians. He also toured as a sideman for another artist.
He will be opening the session next week Tuesday 13.3 at the Edelweiss (Berlin, Kreuzberg).

Wiens Perle. Caroline.

Slowly, but surely.
So wie es in Wien gehört.
This is a demo we made in Vienna in 2015 featuring the formidable Caroline.
The song “Gefühle” is also written and composed by Caroline.
I met Caroline in 2004 in Vienna. Back then she didn’t even about her own incredible musical talents. We’ve been collaborating since 2005.


De Catalunya, a Berlin.

A great pleasure working with Javier, from Barcelona, who brought really nice songs.
Nir gave it a nice live Schliff with his unique feeling and very free approach to music.



Als ein Engel erschien, mein Klavier segnete, und wieder im Himmel verschwand !

Noa Fort graced us with her new song a couple weeks ago. She blessed that white piano with her playing, and flew away across the ocean back to Brooklyn.


The wonderful Tonyy.


A recent session: Eric Pan, pianist, photographer and multi-talent, from Brooklyn, NY.
Recording his Travel Poems here in Berlin, Kreuzberg, with a fine local team.
Don’t read about it. Listen. (coming soon:)


Faithful. The Rhythm and Groove Prophet, Nir Sabag (above).
Hugo reydet on upright bass (below).


Special thanks to Peter Gesierisch (photography, Travel Poems session).
Julis Hahne (video, photography and overall support).
Meike Kenn (photography, Rabajah).


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