Film Scoring & Music For Media.

I had to take a break due to a speed bump in my priv. life.

I am open for projects. Fiction, documentaries, etc.
Please contact me at

I can usually produce a test pilot within a day, to check if we connect and if my music fits your project.

I blend good old acoustic instruments with electronica. I often play the instruments myself (piano, guitars, trumpet, drums, accordion), or call professional musicians for more specific parts. As a seasoned audio engineer, I can – and so far usually have – handle the recording, mixing and mastering.

I had the pleasure to compose and produce some music last fall for Daniil Deych, a Russian born and NYC based young film director. “Untitled” is the story of a writer’s block gone mad. Sample will posted soon.

Below you will find some extracts from Anne Laure Wagret’s Heal Me.


Here are some of the work I did in 2015m for Ben Mergelsberg’s Wrangelfim, and Berlin based publisher Trois Petits Points.

Here is some of my early work, scoring for Anne Laure Wagret’s “Heal Me”, for spanish director Maria Jo for her film “Three”, and again Anne Laure’s short “Mutter”.

Extract From “THREE”:

A trailer from “HEAL ME”:

“Cut my Hair” from “HEAL ME”:

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