I recently had the pleasure to work for indie publisher and Berlin start-up Trois Petits Points, on their first audio book release: “Grand Loup et Petit Loup”.

Jonathan Cohen rang up, as they wanted to have some music added to the story line and were seeking a composer.

After sketching up a first few demos, it became clear that we were on the same wavelength. Jonathan either approved immediately and enthusiastically, or cleverly and skillfully commented on the work done, to suggest a few modifications.

I was particularly struck by Mr. Cohen’s attention to detail, and his ability to get in the story, and discuss all the finesse and subtleties of the characters, and developments, and how those could influence the soundtrack. Un perfectionnisme that would probably rejoice only a few. But it did, me. As a somehow unexpected and yet familiar landscape can do, if that – unexpected metaphor – makes sense. Notwithstanding that John was simultaneously managing a much larger project for the Hörspiel “Louisette”.

For the occasion, I called upon one of my favorite drummer in town, Nir Sabag (aka the Rhythm and Groove Prophet), and a new acquaintance, bassist James Banner – from the UK – who proved to be as reserved as absolutely talented and to the point with his very musical playing.

We captured some of those tracks, at one of my favorite recording facility in Berlin; Kreuzberg. And I could not resist and engineer the session myself. Setting up those lovely microphones, sound-checking, leading certain pieces with the guitar, fumbling through freshly scribbled charts, and trying not to forget to press… Record.

Daniel Weltlinger blessed some of those tracks with his magic violin, and Jason Liebert with his trombone. Thank you.

I’ll keep some of my favorite tracks (Die Vereinigungsballade, Heart is Where is Home, etc.) for separate articles.



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