Virgil Segal

Virgil Segal is a singer-songwriter, composer, engineer and producer.
Born in Paris, schooled up in the US. Cooled down in Vienna (Austria).
His music is a blend of Jazz and Gypsy Jazz, peppered with Latin and Brazilian spices.

A new EP “VIRGIL & THE BERLIN BUSKERTEERS” will be released on January 30th 2019. It was recorded and mixed in Berlin with Brian Trahan, whom I also invited as a co-producer.

Virgil has played a thousand gigs, big and small, in smokey bars and fancy Jazz clubs,
small restaurants and cool international festivals (FIA 2014), Costa Rica, etc.)
In the end, it’s all about the music.

Working with babies, kids and teenager both in the field of Musikalische Früherziehung and Musik Unterricht has had the unexpected effect of inhaling a wonderful gulp of pure and fresh air. Very inspiring. Strangely, working with babies and kids can be reminiscent of the work I have done with grown up artists.





The Trio.

“Virgil & The Berlin Buskerteers” features Nir Sabag (Israel), on drums and Gianfranco Coppola (Italy) on upright bass.

Brian Trahan (NYC) lent a great helping hand, taking care of the engineering and blessing us with his inspiring positive energy and great tips and advices.
We also recently mixed the tracks, here in Berlin Kreuzberg, and Brian easily took on the hat of co-producer.

This is a spontaneous lo-fi video from our recent recording session in Berlin.
This first EP will be very live in essence, very Jazz.



Listen ro kmy first EP en exclusivité auf Soundcloud:

A rehearsal moment at the PLS.