Recording Joel Holmes’s The Green House Expansion Band.

We welcomes Joel Holmes’s The green House Expansion Band, last week at our favorite recording facility in Berlin, Kreuzberg.

Kuba Gudz on drums was nailing those Hip-Hop beats like a madman, grooving away tight and along with bassist Martin. While Joel Holmes confidently lead the band, playing some great harmonies and magic polyrhythms.


Featured rapper Stimulus was all Feeling and Inspiration.
Great stuff, thank you guys.

Some mixes and videos coming up.

GHEX006   GHEX005

Coming Out of The Keller…

Some come out of the closet.
We will come out of the Keller!

A Berlin K’ller.

And – à propos – it was grrreat fun getting to know Mackie Messer, along with Nir Sabag on drums and Florian Kolditz on bass. I love to record parts of those Keller rehearsals, and we happened to have a Canon (camera).
So we shot.

Such songs are part of our retro swing program when we play for parties and events, in Berlin and beyond.

I used my old ADAT Blackface to track the drums, the bass, guitar, and vocal,
along with a Mackie 1604Vlz3 and some nice microphones. I mixed in ProTools.


Americans do it in their Garage.
In Berlin, we have Kellers (cellars).

It’s been tremendous fun practicing and rehearsing with Nir Sabag and Florian Kolditz in my Berlin Keller. We’ve been preparing ourselves for a recording session at the Goldfisch, tomorrow the 28th of May. Rehearsals are recorded and will probably become the backbone for my Berlin K’ller videos and recordings. We did record a cue down here for Ben Mergelsberg “Meine Oma in Schlesien”: it sounded just great.

All you need is a 12m2 cellar.
And some gears.
We’ll talk about that, among other things, in my Vlogs.

Don’t stare at the METERS…